Conceria Nuvolari

Tutti i colori del mondo
una sola pelle

volti volti

Conceria Nuvolari is a family company located in Italian region Marche specialized in the production and marketing of high-end and exclusive leather. Mrs. Sara Santori, its dynamic and strong-willed C.E.O, uses to say: “All the colors of the world in just one skin” .
Leather colored by an imagination which interprets cultures and breaks down into thousands of exciting colorful creations. Colors of an international, innovative tannery that, with passion and know-how, is able to offer refined and selected articles with an extraordinary round hand. Leather that turns into never ending emotions thanks to the most refined and demanding creativity of technicians, designers and creation teams. Goatskins, cross-bred leather for lining and upper (produced in conformity to the best protocols and leather regulations) form a world of colorful and sustainable materials which not only respect the environment but are also finished with exquisite skill: Conceria Nuvolari a synonym of ingenuity and exclusive good taste.

Thanks to its structured organization, skilled staff and   advanced technical-instrumental-technological equipment, Conceria Nuvolari is able to offer high quality products and therefore stands out as a fair, reliable and serious company.

Despite the high standards achieved so far , Conceria Nuvolari goes on investing remarkable sums in technology and research to to raise the quality of its articles and to build customers’ loyalty.

Our productions are in full compliance with sector legislations and in particular with all regulations for the protection and enhancement of the environment.


SKINGOAT® is a patent (Micropore System Natural Transpiration) that protects an exclusive processing process with proprietary technology. It is an important technological innovation aimed at achieving high levels of breathability, thermoregulation and comfort in leathers produced for the footwear sector. The technology used is totally natural and does not use any chemical. SKINGOAT® leathers are in good demand all over the world among shoe groups producing long-lasting and outdoor shoes.

Our product is a goat leather for lining that enables enhanced levels of breathability without changing the traditional look of a goat lining. Breathability is really important in leather production but it is even more so in producing shoes because consumers are extremely conscious about foot care and comfort in terms of shoe breathability (perspiration, bad smell and so on).


Biodegradable sheep and goat skins made with innovative tanning and finishing technologies

It’s a completely biodegradable, versatile and performing product. Its production process guarantees a low environmental impact and a marked reduction in water disposal costs. NATURE.L®’ leathers are not toxic, do not pollute and are highly breathable.


Natural leather for upper finished by hand with the application of neutral or colored creams which add a special softness to this article. Once the shoe is in the final stage of production, it is polished by hand or with brushes to reach the desired glossy final effect. Water-proof and leather goods versions are also available.